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Check out what the Freepers are saying about my (official) endorsement today of Senator Fred Thompson --it's causing quite a buzz.

Over one hundred blogs have now covered my endorsement of Fred Thompson ...but my friend Ron Winter has some news the media isn't covering:

The Vets For Fred organization mounted a major, and by all accounts successful, push to put veteran 'boots on the ground' in South Carolina to work for the Thompson campaign. Reporters acknowledge that Thompson's campaign apparatus is the best in South Carolina as he travels across the state to meet and great in person.

Even the media correspondents who are covering the race don't seem to be all that reliant on the polls.

For instance, the RCP average that puts Thompson behind Mitt Romney moved Fox News political correspondent Carl Cameron to note at 10:33 a.m. Friday, "That's probably not the case!" He noted that while Thompson is putting a major effort into the South Carolina primary, Romney has pulled out of that state and isn't campaigning there at all!