Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Same old story, just a different war.

The New York Times is determined to slander American soldiers by insinuation, and twisting statistics to conform to their ugly story that returning veterans are emotionally unstable, and turn their training on unarmed civilians.


Frankly, it's just disgusting.

*Ron Winter, author, lecturer, and Marine Vietnam Vet has seen it all before.

But this time, he pivots back on the Slimes at the Times.

*And from

PHIL CARTER IS REALLY UNHAPPY with the New York Times vets-as-murderers story. "I've got a one-word verdict on this article and its research: bullshit." (Via Abu Muqawama).

*and from an e-mailer who is damn mad!  (plus original Times piece)

I am sure that your blood boils, as does mine at this
attack against US Veterans. However, there is an even
DEEPER INSULT which can be backed with cold hard
The NY Times wails about 121 murders committed by
Veterans in 6 years. Yet they neglect to mention the
other 98,605 murders committed during that same time
by NON VETERANS!! Yes, Veterans committed a grand
total of 00.12% of all murders while NON VETERANS
committed 99.88% of murders!

The NY Times must be publicly exposed and, hopefully
punished, for this blatant insulting attack which
intentionally twists the facts in an effort to stir
public opinion against our brave US Veterans!!


Marion Indiana