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General David Petreaus, Commanding General of Multi-National Forces in Iraq, just sent Debbie Lee of Move America Forward his thanks for supporting our troops.

It's an incredible honor to Debbie, whose son Marc Alan Lee, was the first Navy Seal to lose his life in the fighting in Iraq.

All of us at Move America Forward are deeply touched as well.

(From Debbie Lee)

I wanted to share the gratitude and thanks from Gen Petraeus for our team!!!!


 (From General Petreaus) 

Thanks very much for this, Debbie.  It was wonderful to hear from you and I appreciate the note and kind words.  More importantly, I appreciate all that you have done in support of our troopers.  I'm sorry I missed you while you were in Iraq. I did hear of your son's heroic actions and was very touched and inspired by his story.  He and the others who have served here have done so with enormous skill, determination, initiative, and courage.   Marc and the others who serve here in our country'suniform are the new greatest generation of Americans, and it is an enormous privilege to serve with them.  It is wonderful to see how our country has supported its sons and daughters in uniform.   Thanks again for all that you and your team have done for our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines.  We are all grateful to each of you -- and I look forward to meeting you one of these days!   Best from Baghdad -- GEN Dave Petraeus