Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Outrage. Disgust. Contempt.

Those are the three words that immediately jump to mind after hearing this news from my fellow pro-troop organization Freedoms Watch.

 NBC's legal beagle has decided that a television commerical produced by the great folks at FreedomsWatch THANKING OUR TROOPS isn't good enough for the 'high' broadcast standards on the once proud Peacock Company.

This isn't the first time that John Kelly, head of the Broadcast Standards department for NBC has shut-down America's right to be heard on OUR airwaves. He denied Move America Forward the right to spend money on 'his network.'

He claims that FreedomsWatch  website is 'too political.' He said the same thing about MAF. is sponsoring a seven-figure ad campaign across America thanking our brave troops. Even the LIBERAL New York Times printed an ad featuring a child thanking our soldiers. 

Sigh. When did it become 'political' to support our troops during a time of war?

Ronald Reagan is spinning in his grave.


Today, President of Freedom’s Watch, Brad Blakeman, issued a letter to John Kelly of NBC to express our deep disappointment in the station’s decision not to air our new ads thanking the troops for their service.

The ads, seen here, are our way to express our appreciation for the sacrifices the troops make. This is not a political issue, but rather a way to show our troops who will not be able to see their families during the holidays that we are grateful for everything they do to protect our country. It is sad that NBC would choose to deny any message that would thank them.

While our brave men and women our out fighting for our rights and freedom, NBC is brazenly limiting them here at home. We have to come together and tell NBC that no matter what their opinion is of the war, the troops are heroes and should have the support of the country. Call NBC and ask for John Kelly and tell him you support the troops, and ask him why NBC does not feel the same.

NBC News

John Kelly


Below is the full text of the letter to NBC.

December 7, 2007

John Kelly
Senior Vice-President of NBC News Network Sales
30 Rockefeller Plaza
12th Floor
New York, NY 10112

Dear Mr. Kelly,

We understand that NBC, MSNBC and CNBC (the “Networks”) are refusing to sell advertising time to Freedom’s Watch (“FW”) to air a series of advertisements that thank our troops for their service and encourage the American public to show their appreciation for the sacrifices they have made on behalf of our country.   It is our understanding that the purported basis for the denial is the Networks’ demand that FW remove reference on the advertisement to the FW website. 

Given your past rejection of FW advertisements in August 2007 and your history of airing ads addressing controversial issues, as addressed in detail in my correspondence to you of August 28, 2007 (to which we have received no response), we are left to believe that your denial to FW is a subjective decision because the network officials disagree with FW.  It is hard to comprehend how your demand to remove the FW website is anything but direct censorship of the positions taken by FW, particularly our support for the War on Terror.  It is highly troubling that the Networks favor censorship over airing a magnanimous effort to thank the many men and women of our Armed Services who protect our freedoms every day. 

FW has requested to purchase time on your networks to air advertisements thanking our American troops for their service and for spending time away from their family and friends this Holiday season. The FW website,, provides information to the American public about numerous ways to support our troops.  For example, the FW website provides readers with links to Books for Soldiers, Adopt a Platoon and other worthy causes dedicated to assisting our troops during this Holiday season. 

It is deeply troubling that the Networks appear to be rejecting an effort to air messages that thank our troops for their sacrifice and, in so doing, remind Americans of the sacrifices made by them this Holiday season.  An effort to thank our troops should not be silenced by national broadcast and cable networks.   Your denial begs the question of whether the Networks disagree with FW and, due to the level of your disagreement, you would prefer to censor FW’s effort to thank our troops and encourage an outpouring of support from the American people for them.   A detailed explanation of your censorship appears to be very necessary. 

If you refuse to air FW’s advertisement, we thus request an explanation of your basis in writing or station policy within two (2) days from the date above as time is of the essence.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this request. Please respond to me at the above address.

Very Truly Yours,

Bradley A. Blakeman
President and CEO