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Sometimes blogging is easy. And sometimes it is hard.

This posting is tricky, because I want to get the words exactly right.

David Blumberg, a San Franciscan who happens to be gay, Jewish, Republican and a TRUE PATRIOT-- sent me the following e-mail.  .

I wish we were  friends. But we haven't had the time together to become close. We are great acquaintances!

But, as David says, we are young and the struggle is long.


A month ago, I was having a late lunch at the Harvard Club in NYC and the only other diners were three older folks at the next table who were complaining very loudly about the Bush Administration.


Lady #1: This administration is just awful; the worst ever!  Cheney and Rumsfeld are crazy and the ones that aren't crazy, like Powell, are weak! 


Me: I couldn't help overhearing your discussion so if you would like to speak with a nice progressive gay Jewish San Franciscan who has come to respect, appreciate and support the Bush Administration, here's my card, I'd be pleased to share the lessons from my political evolution.


Silence...then a fork dropped; the blood drained from their already pale faces. 


Lady #2: How on earth could that happen?


Me: It was a long process, but after 9/11, I diversified my news sources from exclusively National Public Radio and The New York Times to a balance with conservative talk radio and the Wall Street Journal, and I realized there was a whole other world of important data and opinion filtered out by the leftist perspective of mainstream media like NPR.


Lady #2: (pointing to Lady #1) Do you realize you are speaking to Sylvia Poggioli, Senior European Correspondent for National Public Radio?


Me: It's an honor to meet you, Ms. Poggioli.  I have listened to you for years and love your voice...


Lady #1 (Poggioli): NPR is not biased to the Left, she hissed, it presents objective journalism!


Me: What about Leftist analysts Daniel Shorr and Lorren Elkins among many others and the choice of Left focused topics?


Lady #1 (Poggioli): Well, we have David Brooks!


Me: There's one for a start, but most of NPR's presentations skew Left.  How about adding more diverse, conservative perspectives?


Lady #1 (Poggioli): We don't need to add more; I know many conservative people who work at NPR.


My conclusion:

OK, well that settles it, right?  Hooray for the open-minded, self-critical, objective media. ;-)


David J. Blumberg

San Francisco, CA