Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Chicago Sun-Times Columnist Tom McNamee must be getting some heat after my blog busted him for a profanity-laced description of our President and our policies to detain suspected terrorists at Guantanamo Bay.


Jack in Libertyville, Illinois (I'm not making up the name of his town!) wrote to McNamee about his sophomoric, delusional and suicidal point-of-view.

Tom got back to him.

"The weird thing is, you make a valid point. As I mentioned in my last email, I agree the Bill of Rights doesn't legally cover foreigners, and I could have made the point more clearly in my column. (The kids, of course, didn't; but I could have.) But the larger point (which perhaps you agree with — I still don't know) is that it remains morally repugnant to hold any human being for years and years without charge or trial or access to a lawyer. That is truly, to me, what matters here. I regret dropping a couple of swear words in there — not the sort of thing I'd advise mature adults to do — but I do get passionate about this matter, as I think we all should."


The suddenly conciliatory tone of McNamee's response to Jack stands in stark contrast to his earlier response.


"1] Holding any human being indefinitely without charge, without access to an attorney, without a fair and full trial, is immoral, wrong, a fucking sin. I don't care if it's a citizen or not.

2] FDR was wrong. Doesn't make Bush any less of a complete asshole."


These terrorists detained are not common criminals; they are enemy combatants in our war against terrorism.  They are not entitled to all of the rights that someone arrested in this country gets.  Just like we held German and Japanese prisoners of war during World War II, we have to confine enemy combatants so they stop killing Americans serving their country in Iraq and Afghanistan 

"I regret dropping a couple of swear words in there..." in NOT the same thing as apologizing.

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