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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The story of the Wicked Witch Weinerman vs. the Boy Scouts

First, the crazies at the ACLU sued the Boy Scouts because the Scouts don’t condone homosexuality. Now an election official in Cambridge, Mass., stopped the Boy Scouts from collecting goods for American troops serving overseas. Why? Because the bureaucrat lost her patriotism and common sense somewhere in the anti-American sewers that are polluting our nation.

Here’s the story: A local Boy Scouts troop decided back in August that it would like to collect items, such as much-needed toiletries, for our troops. The Boy Scout leader said he got permission from the county to set up collection sites on Election Day.

Marsha Weinerman - The Woman Who Shut Down the Care Package Drive


But some hate-monger complained and that set off a chain of events that lit a fire under Marsha Weinerman (I did not make up her name) and caused her to boot the Boy Scouts’ care package collection bins.

“We just wanted to support the troops,” Boy Scout Patrick O’Donnell told a TV reporter.

What was Ms. Wienerman’s beef with the Boy Scouts efforts? She said they were too pro-war.

Here at Move America Forward we hear this tripe all the time. So I am quite happy to take on and call out the Weinerman’s of the world.

First of all, our military does much more than kill bad people. Just look at our blog and you’ll find stories of our troops caring for babies, building schools for poor children, installing bridges for locals, etc. etc. What in the hell is pro-war about this, Ms. Weinerman?

Ever heard of Jessica Lynch? Yeah, the small woman who proudly served as a soldier and was ambushed by terrorists. Her job was not killing people. She worked in supplies, Ms.  Weinerman.

When Katrina hit, devastating New Orleans, our troops were there saving people. Pro-war? I think not, Ms. Weinerman.

How about the recent wildfires in Southern California that destroyed hundreds of homes. Guess who was there to rescue and help? That’s right. Our troops, Ms. Weinerman.

And this one should not be lost on anyone - least of all the head of the elections department, which Ms. Weinerman is:  it is because of our troops and veterans that we have the right to vote and free elections.

It is sad that somebody with Ms. Wienerman’s ignorance about the American military has the power to hurt our troops and our Boy Scouts. And it sickens me that tax dollars pay her salary.

I hope that everybody will call Ms. Wienerman at (617) 349-4363) and tell her to educate herself before she disrupts the goodwill of others. Tell her she should apologize to the Boy Scouts AND our troops. Then she should help the Boy Scouts, who continue their work away from Wienerman’s scheming reach.

When she’s done with her apology, perhaps Ms. Weinerman should come to Sacramento – on her own dime – and help us pack thousands of care packages that we are sending to our troops.

I don’t want to hear any whining, Weinerman. Our men and women are sweating, bleeding and dying for you. So show some respect and appreciation.