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(I have learned today that 9-year old Tyler Johnson passed away over the weekend.

Please say prayers for this stricken family.) 

As Thanksgiving grows nearer, I can't help but think of the families of our troops who are separated from their loved ones by thousands of miles, and those who have been killed by the terrorists in Iraq, and the injured who are recuperating here at home.

I recieved an e-mail earlier today from a retired serviceman who asked if I could help in a particularly difficult situation. As Mr.Smith unspooled the details, I nearly went into a state of shock from the news of this tragedy --one of unimaginable dimensions. 

 A young army soldier, John Austin Johnson, was struck by an IED in Iraq (the fifth time he has been hit) suffering terrible injuries. He was flown back to Brook Army Medical Center, where his wife and three children were en route from their home at Fort Bliss in San Antonio to be with him.

During that nightmare drive with the kids in the back, Lisa Johnson was in a fiery car accident that claimed the lives of two of the children, and their oldest, Tyler, is in critical condition and is not expected to live.

But God is still testing their faith.

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