Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

My good friend Deborah Johns is frantic --her son's fiance (and her three roommates) have been burned out of their apartment in the devastating wildfire crackling across the area.

Her son Marine son William is standing by for a fourth tour of duty in Iraq.

Deborah has conducted four caravans across America to rally support for our troops. Let's rally for Deb's family. Help if you can.

"William's fiance Elvira, got burned out of her house in San Diego.  She and 4 other girls were renting a house while going to college down there, and all they could take were their clothes, computers they could put in their cars and had to get out.  They lost all their furniture, beds, house hold items, kitchen items, and worst of all they did not have any renters insurance.  The roads were closed, and she could not take being down there any longer, so I got her a plane ticket up here to Sacramento.  Her pre-school that she works at also burned down, so now she it out of a job.  Somehow we need to help these girls get a new place to live, and help refurnish a place to live.  Any help we can provide for them would be great.  I also need a queen size bed so she has a bed to sleep in here, because when William left for GA, he took the bed in the spare room.  I have a feeling LV will be here for a while.
Thanks much for any help you can provide."
Deborah Johns
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