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Open letter to EVERYONE who rallied in Berkeley and those who couldn't attend, but supported us in spirit --THANK-YOU!

I am busy like crazy trying to send notes of gratitude, and our staff at Move America Forward is too.

Not everyone is glued to the T.V., computer or watches all the media Reports, so Danny and Joe at MAF put together a compilation from around the Bay Area and the country. We missed some.

Enjoy our Victory together!

The Move America Forward staff has put this collection together so you can see how news of this triumph for the pro-troop movement spread. 

The Drudge Report posted about the rally yesterday.  Fox News broadcast reports on it with Bill Hemmer earlier in the day and then discussion by Brit Hume in the evening.  Laura Ingraham also discussed it. 

There very well could be others, we're barely able to keep up with it all!  This effort was made possible because of the collaborative efforts of Move America Forward, KSFO, Gathering of Eagles, Eagles Up, Vets for Freedom, Families United for Our Troops & Their Missions, UC Berkeley College Republicans, and many many others including individuals and organizations who helped spread word and encouraged people to turn out. We here at Move America Forward worked the press for many days leading up to the rally, and we were very pleased to see the huge numbers of media outlets that were present at the scene, doing live reports, interviews and helping get this story heard around the nation. 

Here's the recap of the media and blog pickups on this tremendously successful event:  


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News Service:  


KTVU Pictures Slideshow :  KTVU Video :  


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