Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

This e-mail just hit my in-box from Mary Pearson, our Deputy Executive Director at Move America Forward.

Some great news… I just found out that national media outlets are planning on covering the big pro-troop rally to Save the Marine Recruiting Center in Berkeley, CA that takes place tomorrow - Wednesday, October 17th.  We at Move America Forward have also learned from several sources that Code Pink is going to be organizing a counter-rally that denigrates the military and attacks our troops. 
Because they don't want patriotic supporters of our military to be the only story covered by the media. So this is it… the media will be there, the question is WILL YOU?
Are we going to have a great story of a huge crowd on had to show support for our military men and women who are under attack from their own countrymen?  Or are we going to let Code Pink win this battle because we didn't show up? 
 I'm a 55-year old woman, and the last thing I want to do is stand there alone with my American flag.  But if I have to I will, because I believe so strongly in the tremendous efforts of our wonderful troops.  I appreciate them so much, and I want to show them my love and respect. 
 Will you please join me? 
For each one of you reading this email, I am sure you can find an excuse or a reason to NOT attend the giant Wednesday pro-troop rally.  But here's the problem:  every time someone does that our crowd size gets smaller. 
We will simply hand Code Pink and the anti-military activists a victory if we don't all make the effort to come out - if only for an hour or so. At 12:00 Noon I will be at this location along with any one of you who can make the effort to come.  I will gladly greet each of you warmly with a hug and a handshake, and together we will salute the men and women who keep this nation safe and free. 
United States Marine Corps RecruitingCenter
64 Shattuck Square
Berkeley, CA 94704
Located at Shattuck Square (Intersection of University Avenue and Shattuck)
Berkeley, California
 - Mary PearsonDeputy Executive Director, Move America