Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Public enemy #1 to the anti-everything crowd is ---me.

And, of course, Move America Forward with the largest pro-troops membership in the country with over a million members.

Catherine Moy neatly sizes up the radio attack on us this morning.

"The left has launched a full-out assault on patriots who plan on Wednesday to stand up against Code Pink protesters who defaced a Marine recruiting office. This morning the leftist KPFA radio station did a segment on Move America Forward’s pushback of the Code Pink activists who are trying to shut down a Berkeley Marine recruiting office (see below for details of the assault). But the fair-and-balanced KPFA didn’t allow anybody from Move America Forward to appear on the show.

A producer from the show emailed MAF and asked if Chairman Melanie Morgan could speak. But Melanie has her own morning show on Hot Talk 560, so I offered to speak for the pro-troop movement. KPFA ignored the offer and my repeated attempts to contact them.
So instead of a fair report, KPFA allowed Code Pinker Zanne Joi and John Stauber, another leftist commentator, to smear the patriots who plan to stand with the Marines Wednesday in front of their office."
Here are just some of the lies Joi and Stauber shared with their audience:
  • Move America Forward is not pro-troops, it is pro-war. Well, tell that to the thousands of troops who have received our cookies, coffee, beef jerky, cards and anything else they need.
  • Move America Forward and other pro-troop organizations such as Gathering of Eagles, Freedom’s Watch and others advocate an attack on Iran. We advocate support for our troops and their mission. Not code Pink’sWe or Cindy Sheehan’s mission to castrate our military and leave the United States vulnerable to radical Muslim Jihadists.
  • Move America Forward picks fights. If that’s what they call standing up for our troops, then so be it.
  • We are xenophobic. I’m sure these two don’t even know what that means.
  • We are just like the old war propaganda machines of past wars. Actually, this is the first war in which pro-troop organizations, led by Move America Forwad, have pushed back in a sustained effort. It is historical and it makes them hysterical. We will not apologize for the efforts in WWII that helped us defeat Nazis.
  • We are funded by the pro-war Bush Administration. We have never received guidance, money or even so much as the middle finger from the Bush Administration. We are the largest pro-troop organization in this country with more than 1 million members who support us with prayers, by volunteering, and with money, when they can.
Neither Stauber nor Joi have spoken to anybody at Move America Forward, so they must have picked up their “facts” through some type of osmosis via a ‘60s flashback. They should apologize for smearing a group of Americans who love our country and the troops who protect us. We are proud to have in our membership Gold Star families (those who have lost a loved one in war), Blue Star families (those whose family member serves in the military), troops (lots of them), veterans (a load of them), patriots, young, elderly, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and everything in between.
Code Pink can expect us at high noon on Wednesday. Go to for more details.
Joi said she believed this was the first time MAF was counter-protesting in Berkeley.
“I’m sure that these people are not from Berkeley,” she said.
I would venture to guess that many people in Berkeley are not from Berkeley. What does that have to do with anything? Berkeley is the birthplace of the Free Speech movement. That is why we are standing with our brothers and sisters in the Marines in supporting their First Amendment rights. It is a sad day when people carousing in Pepto Bismol Pink getups calls our Marines “traitors” and “assassins,” then try to run them out of town.
We will be there. We will support our military against the enemies within. We will exercise our First Amendment rights.
Joi said Code Pink will greet MAF and other patriots with “love and caring.”  Do us a favor, show us you love and care for our country. Stay home, watch Al Gore’s video and reruns of Rosie on The View, make Ron Paul campaign buttons and take a bath. A long bath.
For those who want to support our troops and their mission, please come with your red, white and blue.
United States Marine Corps RecruitingCenter
64 Shattuck Square
Berkeley, CA 94704
Located at Shattuck Square (Intersection of University Avenue and Shattuck)
Berkeley, California