Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror


No, not the TV show--the amount of time we have to get a large crowd together in Berkeley for Wednesday's pro-troops, pro-American counter demonstration by the haters in the so-called 'peace-movement' of our servicemen and women.

They are attempting to shut-down the Marine Recruiting Center, calling our soldiers 'traitors' and 'assassins.' has the ugly truth about CodePink and it's most recent efforts to lie about our Marines --telling the story in pictures.

Will you be there with me to support Captain Richard Lund and the Marine Corps, as well as all of our servicemen and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Will you bring at least two friends or family members?

Will you bring your flags and patriotism High Noon on Wednesday, rain or shine? 

El Rushbo weighs in on Captain Richard Lund's open letter to the Code Pinkos.

CodePink now has a call out to the moonbat crowd in it's website:

And Move America Forward has full maps, parking, location and Bart information available at