Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Folks, I've been working overtime to organize a counter-protest to the anti-American, anti-troops organization called Code Pink. These are the same people who gave $600,000 to insurgent families in Iraq --and who responsible for murdering our servicemen and women.

They are trespassing at the Marine Recruiting Center in Berkeley, and vandalizing the place with graphic, disgusting slander of our brave troops.



Originally, I planned to light out for Berkeley this Wednesday. After talking with lots of fellow patriots, we are going to mobilize on Wednesday, October 17th.

I want more time to bring with me a large crowd of red, white and blue Americans who support our troops AND their mission.

Please join us at Shattuck Square (University Avenue and Shattuck) at high noon for a show-down with the moonbats.

Bring flags, bring granny, bring your heart and passion for the USMC.

No blood slander of our troops on OUR watch.

Keep checking the website for more details.