Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

I complain.

 I whine.

 I moan.

And then I bitch and complain all over again about the Hollywood bias that manifests itself nearly every day concerning a proud, pro-American point of view in your local cineplex.

It is a deadly serious problem that puts our troops in harm's way in the war theatre of Iraq, Afghanistan and the rest of the Middle East.

Andrew Breitbart, author and editor for the Drudge Report verbally cold-cocks David Erhenstein, a Lefty Hollywood blogger and journalist in a five day ideological duel sponsored by the LAT.

Here's a picture of my pal Andrew. Handsome devil, huh?

The cyberspace clash wasn't even close. Andrew is the clear-cut winner, even when I take off my partisan spectacles.

day 1:

day 2: 

day 3

day 4