Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

But I'll eventually spit it all out so you folks who couldn't come to Washington, but supported us with your hearts, prayers, financial donations and good wishes can enjoy the moments that I have.

Diany Nagy. (She's on the far left)

She's so cute. And single, too.


She's a singer in her soul, mortgage broker by day in the East Bay, patriot every moment.

She's a TINY little thing, but she sure can belt out a song.

Diana went out with our MAF folks to watch the lunatics of the left shout hateful things at America. She came prepared. Whenever she heard the F-Word or someone cursing the troops, Diana whipped out her Holy Water and spritzed the crazies. They actually stopped shouting. God works in mysterious ways.

Listen to the song that she performed at every single one of the 28 stops across America in our Fight for Victory tour.

* Videoclip with excerpts of "Where Freedom Flies" - CLICK HERE