Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

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The proceedings began around 9:30 am, and Kristinn Taylor from Free Republic led the public in a rousing chant of USA, USA!

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Kristinn then passed the microphone over to Melanie Morgan. I'm not a great note-taker when people are talking, but I managed to take down some of Melanie's remarks, along with remarks made by other speakers. Melanie was full of pep and energy, praising "the patriotic Americans who stepped forward" to give a message of "love and support for our troops." Something she said was echoed throughout the rest of the rally: "We will win this war...surrender is never an option!"

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{ED. I'm holding up a T-shirt for the crowd to see --it was a gift to me from Lt. Colonel Joe Roth at Camp Victory when I was in Iraq. It's the purple finger of freedom with a message of support from the Iraqi's after their historic vote. It's a gift I will always treasure.}

After Melanie's opening salvo, the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Megan Ortegas, the National Anthem was sung acapella by Kit Lange (from Free Republic). The audience joined in. Rev. Hawke then gave the invocation. As part of his invocation, Rev. Hawke prayed to "enlighten those at the other end of this Mall, in that domed building, [that] surrender is not a word in our vocabulary."

Some of the speakers included Larry Bailey and Chris Hill from the Gathering of Eagles. Chris was very impassioned. His remarks included the following: "I would bleed on that flag to keep the stripes red, and I know I'm not alone...I don't care what they [anti-war protestors] have to say do not speak for me."

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