Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Three fundraisers for the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama last night in the Bay Area.

....we don't know if THIS had anything to do with the President's visit, but...

A fighter jet was making low circles around San Francisco's Ferry Building and Embarcadero Center last night.

All the President's men (and women) were in place for face-time - if they could afford the 38 grand for ticket in Atherton.
Later, the President motorcaded to the Fox Theatre for a "people's" visit which cost a mere $4,000.

But the area was filled with Tea Party protestors, too. although you wouldn't know it from the pathetic coverage by the San Francisco Chronicle:

"...Scores of protesters, most of them good-natured, greeted Obama in Redwood City. Among the signs: "The war on drugs is the war on the people," and "Hey Obama, don't deport my mama."

But James Lee, from Occupy Redwood City, came to protest because, he said, "we're most concerned with the amount of money being spent here."

"It should be the people out here who are inside with Obama," Lee said, "not just the people who have the money to be with him."


President Obama greets the crowd after landing at Moffett Field in Mountain View to begin his whirlwind Bay Area fundraising tour with a $38,500-per-person dinner in Woodside.

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