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Who needs government, even for road maintenance?

This happened in Maui, Hawaii:

“Anyone still wondering how their tax dollars are going to be wasted, here is your answer: $4 million for a job that private business can do for free in 8 days. Government contractors are already drooling after the insane profits they will be making off of overpriced stimulus deals.”

How?  “So Slack, other business owners and residents made the decision not to sit on their hands and wait for state money that many expected would never come. Instead, they pulled together machinery and manpower and hit the ground running March 23. Watch the volunteers repairing the road »

And after only eight days, all of the repairs were done, Pleas said. It was a shockingly quick fix to a problem that may have taken much longer if they waited for state money to funnel in.”

Government said it was a two year project costing tens of millions—average citizens did it for $4 million in eight days.  Now you know how much money government wastes.  Want to find waste?  Look for the union label.