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What not to wear as an anarchist. This protester was trying to break a Bank of America window in Seattle during the May Day protests Tuesday, but check out his shoes. Photo: Joshua Trujillo/

Um, someone didn’t get the anarchist memo on what to wear for a day of vandalizing.

Sure, the guy pictured here trying to smash a bank window during Seattle’s May Day protests has the standard-issue anarchist outfit: Black  jacket, black pants, black face-hiding thing.

But look closer. There’s the tucked-in lavender shirt. And the red headband. Probably forgivable, because anarchy is hard work and sometimes your one good black shirt is in the laundry.

But then you get to the shoes … and what the frack is that? It’s a pair of Nikes! That swoosh is unmistakable. (No word on what the guy on the left was doing, but he probably wasn’t a protester).

What makes the irony especially rich is that this window-banger also targeted Niketown while wearing his nice-looking Nike sneakers