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Al Gore TV, which fired its biggest unwatched star recently, has hired Gavin Newsom to be on his cable channel.

The 44-year-old Newsom, as everyone in San Francisco knows, used to be on the city's Parking and Traffic Commission.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, an admitted alcoholic who is rumored to have indulged in other recreational drugs, is replacing basic, essential City services with a $2.7 million poverty court to prosecute the poor, and especially the houseless, for “quality of life” crimes. – Photo:


Since 1996, Newsom has been busy.

He was for a time the only white heterosexual male on the Board of Supervisors. He was the city's mayor and gained national fame for issuing marriage licenses to gay couples against state law. During the divorce from his first wife, Newsom had an affair with his appointments secretary who was married to his good friend and deputy chief of staff who became his reelection campaign manager but quit after his wife revealed the illicit relationship during substance abuse rehab.

Newsom then married another woman, ran briefly for governor in 2010 and got within 20 points of Jerry Brown before giving up and settling on the lieutenant governor's "job."

All of these accomplishments have qualified Newsom as a regular talker on Bill Maher's HBO show.

Democrat Newsom describes California's No. 2 job behind Brown as having "no real authority and no real portfolio." Still, he's paid $130,490 a year in taxpayer money by a state that may have more annual budget crises than seasons.

Gore, who lost all of his bids for the presidency before hitting on the global warming thing, founded Current TV in 2005 with partner Joel Hyatt. They wanted a liberal alternative to the Fox News Channel. To the surprise of many, San Francisco-based Current TV has been phenomenally successful in that regard except for the absence of viewers, ratings, identity and income.

Last year with great excitement Gore hired a little-known failed sportscaster named Keith Olbermann, who was on the rebound after being fired from pretty much every job he's ever held on TV. Last month Olbermann racked up another firing when Current canned him. Both parties are suing each other for millions of dollars.

Gore was very excited again Wednesday to announce "The Gavin Newsom Show." According to Gore, Newsom's hour-long national show will launch next month and consist of Newsom interviewing lots of cool San Francisco Bay area people.

You can't set your TiVo's yet, however, because the time slot is undetermined, Brian Stelter tells us. But it will likely run over and over and over on weekends.

Gore called Newsom "a courageous leader who has boldly seized every opportunity to create positive social change. First as a successful entrepreneur, then in his role as mayor of San Francisco, and now as Lieutenant Governor, Newsom touches many worlds -- business, politics, entertainment and activism. We are honored that Current TV will be bringing his curiosity, intelligence, insights and enthusiasm to television."

Many people had thought, accurately, that the lieutenant governor job in the nation's most populous state was a full-time position. Surprisingly, Newsom's spokesman agreed with his boss there was no conflict with state duties and would somehow showcase the Golden state nationally. He said Newsom would do little program preparation because he knows most of his guests already.

Newsom's television contract salary, which Current did not disclose, will be donated to charity, the part-time lieutenant governor said. Which prompted some Californians to suggest perhaps Newsom should also give back some of his state salary for the second job show time no longer devoted to official duties for the chronically financially-strapped government.

At Current, Newsom joins another disgraced Democrat, Eliot Spitzer, who replaced the fired liberal Olbermann late last month. Spitzer was the jut-jawed former prosecutor who became governor of New York, then resigned upon disclosure that he was Client No. 9 in a major prostitution ring, who had so outrageously overpaid call girls.

Earlier this year Spitzer was fired from another failed cable talk show on CNN