Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

I hugged and kissed my husband, my son, and Riley the wonder dog ---and now I just have a quick minute to post a round-up of the media reports from our WILDLY successful Fight for Victory Tour and the DEEPLY moving GOE III in Washington, D.C. I had to the privilege to co-emcee with Kristinn Taylor of

We also held a Capitol Hill news conference on Friday.

We showed the thousands of cards, letters, and sheets of support for our troops AND their mission.

  I'm gonna give you some secret inside stuff from GOE before tomorrow's radio broadcast. Deborah John and Debbie Lee, our Blue Star and Gold Star Hero Mom's who travelled all the way across the country with our Fight For Victory Tour, went over to the 'die-in' by the Commie Code Pinko crowd, and confronted them.

The Fighting Deb's went into combat mode. When a moonbat woman confronted Deb Johns with ugly language, Deb got right back in her face. And then this crazy woman SHOVED Deb.

Big mistake.


Problem handled.

Earlier in the day, Debbie, Deborah and I went to confront Senator Harry Reid for calling our troops losers. We were furious. This picture shows us delivering our spittin' mad message to Jim Manley, the chief spokesman for Reid. He was NOT happy to see us. 

Move America Forward Confronts Senator Reid’s Office on Betrayal of Troops

Our delegation approaches Senator Harry Reid’s office.  The delegation included Melanie Morgan (Chairman, Move America Forward), Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson (Vice Chairman, Move America Forward), Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee, Blue Star Mom Deborah Johns.


Reid’s spokesman next informed the delegation that the discussion was over and that he had heard the message and had nothing more he wished to discuss.

And now more from Freeper Jenny Hatch!

I stayed home from church and am watching the rally right now.  I started crying when Chris Hill spoke and have just been bawling like a boobie the whole time.

This rally is going to stand as a beacon for the future.  I can't stand the progressives at C-span, but God Bless them for documenting GOE III.

My blog round up is one of the most comprehensive in the sphere.  Check out the movie I made of you storming Reids office.  I LOVED the look on your face.

God Bless!

P.S. has tons of photos and blogs, too!