Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Don’t let our troops be forgotten! With the media's willful ignorance and Easter on its way we must remind our troops overseas that we still remember why they are there and everything they are doing for our nation!

Look at the latest headlines - the media is obsessed with election coverage, football teams trading players, and which football team Peyton Manning is going to. There is no coverage about the looming fight coming in Afghanistan.

Every spring, the "down-season" of winter melts away with the snow of the Afghan mountain ranges. When spring and summer arrive, the Taliban come out of their caves and face our troops. We can't let our brave military men and women be forgotten!

"They are going to come out at us very hard in the east," predicts US Marine Gen. John Allen, the commander of US-led coalition troops in Afghanistan.
- Wall Street Journal (03/19/2012)

We've finally made Easter Care Packages for the Troops available for you to sponsor. Give our troops some much deserved support and offer a message of gratitude.

Your personal message will be sent in a care package packed by our volunteers and sent along with a box full of goodies including special Easter treats! The Easter Holiday is coming up quickly, so get your orders in now!

Don’t Forget! We’re On the Lookout for Troops!

Soldier Registration is easy! If you have the address of someone on active military duty, such as a spouse, child or sibling, you can click here for our Soldier Sign Up to register each one with the program, or copy this link: e-mail it to them so they can register themselves. Once registered, they will be eligible to receive a package and messages of support from caring fellow Americans.