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As the blogosphere and MSM explode with varying angles on the death of our friend Andrew Breitbart, we think about him on a personal level. The hatemongers are out, dancing around Andrew’s death like radicalized Muslims after 9/11. One tweeted that she was happier to hear of Andrew’s death than when she heard that Navy SEALS had killed Osama bin Laden. If Andrew were here, he would get in their faces and back the crazies down. What they may not realize is that we in the conservative movement ARE Andrew Breitbart.

He may be gone from this earth, but his soul is part of us and part of America’s fiber. We have picked up the baton and we will not falter.

Much has been written about the big stories that Andrew broke. Though he wasn’t trained as a journalist, he used traditional journalistic methods to rip the veil off the mainstream media and those they prop up. He didn’t just talk about the collusion between so-called journalists and the hard-left, he knew it. He lived it. Andrew helped found the Huffington Post before Arianna Huffington took a radical left. He knew the inside and out of the left because he saw it up close and personal, and he never flinched from the ugly truth.

But we all know about this.

What folks may not know is the real Andrew, the husband of Susie and the father of four beautiful children. We were blessed to call Andrew friend and to know what made him tick. He didn’t just talk about problems in society, he worked on fixing them.

When we headed the nonprofit Move America Forward, which supports our troops and their missions, we started a webathon to raise money for care packages for the troops. Andrew was instantly on board and the last few years he co-anchored the fund-raiser with great gusto, bringing along some of his Hollywood friends (yes, he had plenty of friends in Hollyweird). Andrew helped bring in more than $3 million for care packages. His generosity was well known among his friends and close associates.

Andrew liked to say he had ADD. We like to think of him as a master multi-tasker. We remember with great fondness the evening we spent at Andrew’s home back in 2006 during our book tour. A group of his friends gathered and Susie cooked some of the best quesadillas we have ever enjoyed. The subject of the night: how to put together the vast right-wing conspiracy that Hillary Clinton talked about. Andrew knew that those who control the media control thought. He had worked with Drudge and
was new.

“Hollywood is a problem,” Andrew said. “Conservative actors, producers and others can’t come out of the closet, or they won’t work again.”

He thought out loud in a stream of consciousness that would seem more fit for a gathering of hippies – except it was conservative bent. Between thoughts, Andrew sat at his computer like Capt. Kirk at the helm of the Starship Enterprise. He could talk, read stories, eat, search vast stories of stories, post and look after his children all at the
same time.

Andrew would soon answer the radical left and the Hollywood thugs with a string of Big websites. Hollywood a problem? Give them Government intruding on citizens’ Constitutional rights? Give them

His genius lay in his knowledge of new media and the hungry nature of conservatism, which was looking for a media hero. We found it in Andrew Breitbart.

He would let nobody go unnoticed if they were hurting America. Andrew was fearless on the outside, but always was concerned about his family. They truly came first, which sounds like such a cliché. A family man he was.

That night when we spurred what we joked was the vast-right-wing-conspiracy, then wondered where to go with it, Andrew’s ideas gelled. His mind fired like a
Gatling gun.

Only once did we see the great Andrew Breitbart turn his complete focus to one thing, and that was his family. When it was time for his children to go to bed, Andrew stopped everything. He tucked them into bed and kissed them good night.

God bless you, Andrew. Thanks for the memories and, yes, we and the others you inspired will carry the torch.

Melanie Morgan is a radio talk show host, TV personality and founder of Move America
Forward, a protroops nonprofit. Catherine Moy is a journalist, elected official
and former executive director of MAF.

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