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According  to some in the press, the Tea Party is all but dead.  Or is that just  wishful thinking?
On  February 16, 2012, approximately two hundred San Francisco Tea Party members  stood outside of the Nob Hill Masonic Center in San Francisco to protest Barack Obama.  Standing behind the barricades next to the  Tea Partiers stood a motley crew of Occupiers, pot legalizers and  environmentalists, also protesting the president.  The press was all over  the place.  After all, Obama was in town.
You  couldn't miss the Tea Partiers -- they had about 100 bright red foam fingers  that read "NOBAMA 2012."  The protest and accompanying fingers were  inspired by SF  Weekly journalist Erin Sherbert's jab at Jan Brewer on  January 27, 2012 entitled "Obama Coming to San Francisco, Where Nobody Will Wag  Their Fingers in His Face."
The  San Francisco Tea Party viewed it differently.  They considered it a prime  opportunity to wag their fingers in the face of the man who can celebrate being  the first downgrade President, the overseer of one of the longest-running  periods of unemployment over 8% since the Great  Depression and the man responsible for our $15 trillion deficit, record  spending, and a stalled economy yielding consistently lower GDP and tax revenues.  And that's just the tip of the  iceberg.
This  finger waggin' at Obama -- for driving the economy over the cliff and watching  it plummet towards the bottom at lightning speed -- is long overdue.
Fueled  by fear they won't be able to retire, sell their homes, educate their kids,  afford top notch health care or the cost to drive to work; and motivated by  increasing levels of anxiety that their children won't have the same  opportunities their parents had, Tea Partiers came out in droves this chilly San  Francisco night.  They stood for hours becoming hoarse from chants while  being forced to inhale the carbon-footprint unfriendly, air polluting fumes  wafting over from the Occupy Wall Street and pro-pot gang.
All  this to protest the President and let him -- and the 3000 adoring fans who paid  $100 per ticket and the 90 who paid $38,500 per ticket -- know that while San  Francisco might be the most progressive city in the country, it isn't rolling  out the red carpet for Obama anymore.  Visit California with solutions to  our problems -- i.e., getting the government out of the way of growth, lowering  regulation, taxes and spending -- then there's something to shake hands about;  then right and left can unclench fists and hold hands.  But, come here with  your hand out, dipping into the cookie jar yet again, and that's just going to  get you a good old-fashioned finger waggin'.
Ask  any Tea Partier and just about any voter who's been paying attention:  This  President is out of touch, out of control, out of money and out of time.
The  San Francisco Tea Party was such a noticeable presence outside of the Masonic  Center that the SF Chronicle editors saw fit to put the Tea Party protest on the front page of the newspaper.  Reporters Joe Garofoli,  Carla Marinucci and Emily DeRuy are to be commended for their truthful account  of the evening and, dare I say it, fair and balanced journalism.
But  fie on the vast majority of reporters who either inhaled way too much of the  Occupy Ganja and experienced an alternate reality from the one the rest of the  world experienced or intentionally left out one important fact about  the collection of protesters at the Nob Hill Masonic Center -- there were 200  organized, animated, visible and very loud Tea Partiers.
The LA Times's Kathleen Hennessey had this and only this  to say about the opposition that night:
Protesters  also lined up outside the Nob Hill Masonic Center. Many carried signs calling  for the legalization of marijuana.
This Sacramento Bee blog posted by David Siders minimized the size of  the Tea Party crowd falsely claiming. "If it was only the Tea Party across the  street, the protest, however spirited, might have been small."  He later  added, "Though apparently outnumbered, the Tea Party supporters were  loud."
Loud,  yes.  Outnumbered?  Not even close.  The Tea Party was at least  evenly matched by their leftwing opposition and likely outnumbered  them.
Even  worse, despite a considerable media presence interviewing and videotaping Tea  Partiers, local network station newscasts failed to mention that 200 Tea  Partiers greeted Obama.  With the exception of a brief mention on ABC, the  San Francisco Tea Party was effectively excised from network news reports that  evening.
This  was such a blatant omission that it indisputably illustrates the control the  leftwing media has over what news is disseminated and its willingness to  manipulate the information flow.  But marginalizing the Tea Party is  nothing new.
Time  magazine's 2011 Person of the Year magazine  cover went to "The Protester" and featured, among others,  the protesters of Occupy Wall Street, Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.  The  pictures at their site feature protesters often masked, dressed in black and  with menacing looks.  You will also see the proverbial fist of the far  left, unions, socialists and Marxists so ubiquitous at OWS protests.
Tea  Partiers were not included.
In  fact, the Tea Party was runner up for Time's Person of the Year in 2010 (losing to  Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame) despite the millions in April 2009 who  attended thousands of tax day rallies across the country and protested ObamaCare en masse that summer and fall.
What is so amazing about this right wing phenomenon  is that millions of Americans who had never protested a day in their lives took  to the streets for the first time.  Contrary to their counterparts on the  left, they weren't paid or bused in to do it.  They didn't get a day off  work to attend.  They just got to a point where they could no longer ignore  the reality that their elected representatives were not listening to them and  the only thing left to do was get off the couch and agitate.
Millions  of Tea Partiers clad in red, white and blue, singing patriotic songs, with  fingers pointed at a government addicted to spending, were blatantly ignored by  the press in 2009, 2010, 2011 and still, in 2012.  To make matters worse,  when orchestrated and well-financed leftwing Occupation protests erupted around  the world in 2011 -- accelerated by their cronies in the tech world -- they made  the front page while the Tea Party continued to be defamed as racist, fascist,  homophobic, anti-government whack jobs.
The  praise went instead to openly anarchist, Marxist, out-of-control  squatter-Occupiers, dressed in black and inciting class warfare with their  raised fists and masked faces.
Here  is yet another irony.  Many of the protesters lauded by Time magazine were  rebelling against oppressive governments.  The Tea Party was and still is  rebelling against the oppression of our local, state and national governments  for taking more of the fruits of our labors, restricting how we earn our money,  controlling what we do with our property, limiting the free  market and suppressing individual liberty.
Contrast  that with the Occupiers, whose prime mission is to enable the government -- in  the form of a planned, centralized economy -- to take more of our property and  liberties and transfer them to the so-called 99% who are really the 47% who  don't pay income taxes -- eliminating the source of all oppression: the free  market.
If  we are celebrating the rise of The People against tyranny and oppression around  the world, then the Tea Party -- not Occupy Wall Street -- should be  sharing the stage with Time's "The Protester."
And  if we are warning the American public about impending economic doom and the  usurpation of our G-d given rights, protected in the Constitution from an  oppressive, tyrannical government, then we should be making headlines every time  we take action.
In  Monty Python's "The Holy Grail" there is a scene where they are going through the village with a cart  collecting the dead.  In answer to the call "Bring out your dead" one man  approaches the cart with a body slumped over his shoulder.  The body  exclaims "I'm not dead."  The response? Hit the guy over the head and make  him dead.  That is precisely the game here.
The  Tea Party isn't dead yet but the leftwing controlled media will continue to  whack it over the head by maligning it, reporting negatively and dishonestly  about it or just plain ignoring it, in the hopes of eliminating the Tea Party  from the political narrative. That showing of 200 struggling Tea Partiers on a  chilly San Francisco night -- some having to pay $40 for parking in addition to  $4/gallon gas and bridge tolls --  is a rallying cry to the rest of  conservative America.  And to the left?  We're not dead yet and don't  even think about whacking us over the head with a club.
Photos  courtesy of Larry  in SF. Further photo coverage by Zombie.