Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

And I do too. After all, it's what motivates me each and every day to do what I can, however small it might be, to protect our country from the Islamic Jihadists who hit our country hard and awakened the sleeping giant.

I haven't had time to post earlier because I'm going Mach 2 with my hair on-fire to make our Move America Forward caravan across America a success. The 'Fight For Victory" Tour is generating huge media because we have a powerful message--America will NEVER surrender to terrorists.  This is is important because it communicates to a larger audience than just the wonderful, warm, huge-hearted patriots who show up along the way of our 27 cities, and directly to our lawmakers who are in charge of keeping us safe.

Where were you when the Trade Towers came down and America changed? I was sitting in the anchor chair at KSFO radio in San Francisco, where I do my daily show.

I looked up at the TV monitors, catching a glimpse of an airplane going into a building, and a puff of smoke. I knew immediately something was awful, horrible beyond words was happening, beyond a mere accident. That premonition was borne out with my co-host Lee Rodgers, who is also a pilot. We immediately suspected terrorism. The events spooled out over our remaining three hours on-the-air, with the news becoming worse and worse. I called my husband at our home, instructing him to turn on the television; a plane hit the World Trade Towers and he needed to start issuing instructions to our staff at KSFO and KGO, where he is the Program Director.

From there, we went into crisis mode, understanding that America was under attack.

That day, and days thereafter, I saw American flags popping up on cars, in stores, outside homes and it made me proud and glad that everyone of all political persuasions understood what happened. It saddens me enormously that most of the country has now fallen victim to the lie that our war in Iraq has nothing to do with September 11th.

Terrorism is evil. Period. If it strikes New York City, or Beirut, Lebanon, or Madrid, Spain, London, England or in Baghdad, Iraq --it must be stopped. We must be the warriors for freedom that our forefathers were in stopping the spread of Nazism. After all, Japan attacked America first. We joined the fight against the Nazi's.

I hope that the people of this great country understand that analogy. It's not that hard to grasp. 

Glenn Reynolds at has more on 'context''s an important thing.

Please read it.



Six years ago, Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda weren't just attempting to bring down the twin towers of the World Trade Center. They were trying to smash the American economy as well. Here is what bin Laden himself said about his goals and motivations back in December 2001: "If their economy is destroyed, they will be busy with their own affairs rather than enslaving the weak peoples. It is very important to concentrate on hitting the U.S. economy through all possible means." And here is what al Qaeda second-in-command Ayman al-Zawahiri said in September 2002: "We will also aim to continue, by the permission of Allah, the destruction of the American economy."

No luck so far, despite bin Laden's recent videotape ravings about our taxes and mortgage debt. Although the towers came down, the resilient American economy didn't. Since September 11, the economy hasn't suffered a single down quarter. In fact, it has notched 23 straight quarters of economic growth. (And despite the subprime mortgage crisis, this is likely to be the 24th straight quarter of growth.) Those numbers are especially amazing when you consider that when the terrorist attacks happened, the Internet stock bubble was in full implosion mode. The economy dipped in the third quarter of 2001 and was slightly negative in two of the previous four quarters. But it's been nothing but growth since then. Overall, the American economy is, adjusting for inflation, $1.65 trillion bigger than it was six years ago. To put that gigantic number in some perspective, the U.S. economy has added the equivalent of five Saudi Arabias, eight Irans, 13 Pakistans, or 15 Egypts, depending on your preference. And while 9/11 did cause the stock market to plunge, the Dow is 37 percent higher than it was on Sept. 10, 2001, creating trillions of dollars of new wealth for Americans. What's more, the unemployment rate is 4.6 percent today vs. 5.7 percent back then. Not bad at all.


Nope. But that really does put things in perspective. And special thanks to the Retail Support Brigade for its work in those dark days after 9/11. I credit Scott Norvell!