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“Is local radio dead”, asks programmer Mark Edwards. “Not yet” – but properties are “dying slowly in a hospice called AM and FM.”

Mark says PPM is part of the picture, and so is local TV’s encroachment on radio’s lucrative morning drive daypart. How has radio responded? Edwards cites a couple of case studies - #1, “A major radio company has moved all its stations to its own app for smartphones and tablets. But after testing the Android app on six different devices over three carriers, the app was only able to stream listenable audio on two of the devices.” #2, "Clear Channel Media Holdings recently hired Bob Pittman to run the company. Pittman is a very smart man and understands the future of content delivery as shown by the company's huge investment in iHeartRadio…They may have some of the right ideas, but have eliminated hundreds of jobs in the last month as they add more centralization to their programming, completely ignoring the fact that being local is one of traditional radio's most important ways to differentiate itself and keep listeners, regardless of how the content is delivered.” Read Edwards’ “Uncensored” column here.