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Monday, September 10, 2007
Devil’s in the Details

As I mentioned below, the Pepto Bismol gals were bellyaching as Gen. Petraeus attempted to give his report on the troop surge, which is working well, thank you.

What I failed to mention was that retired-but-revived Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan was reportedly arrested outside the chambers. The Hillreportedthat Ms. Sheehan, who is from my California county and whom I have followed before she became a household shame, was busted. Again. How many times does a loose nut have to be arrested until the charges stick?
First, where the hell did these no-gooders get tickets to the gallery? Eh, liberals? Second, it’s time the little pink girls go back to kindergarten for some basic manners. My kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Cody (God rest her soul) would have kept their graham crackers from them for their obnoxious behavior).

I watched live as the police officers gently removed the warmed-over hippie in Code Pink gear. Yet she wailed like a polar bear cub on a rapidly shrinking polar ice cap. Was she crying because she got a stomachache as Gen. Petraeus’ report unfolded? Probably. She wants the troops to lose. She wants America to lose. Because when our side loses, the Democrats feel they win. Losers.


Ambassador Crocker: Process Will Require Substantial U.S. resolve and committment

As the Pink Scream of the Pepto Bismol babes, Code Pink, was shuttered (thankfully), Ambassador Crocker on Monday said a secure Iraq is attainable.
He is looking at the situation on the ground not from a military standpoint, but as a diplomat. Diplomacy is always tough in a war-torn country - even when that war is fruitful in its creation of peace.
Saddam Hussein left a legacy of fear between foes, friends, and even family, Crocker said.
“A new Iraq had to be built literally from scratch,” Crocker said.
“The past 18 months have further strained Iraqi society,” Crocker said.
Al-Qaida attacks and sectarian violence has gnawed away at Iraq, which is now a traumatized society, Crocker said.
Iraqi politicians need to step up to the plate.
On the good side, many leaders are ready to set aside their sect’s needs first for the sake of the country.
“The seeds of reconciliation are being planted,” Crocker said.
Oil and revenue sharing is important, but what is difficult about these laws is that it takes Iraq one step closer to federalism which not all Iraqis have embraced, Crocker said.
Iraqis are struggling with a horrific past. (Rep. Lantos should know this pain. And he should not look like somebody kicked him in the gut after Gen. Petraeus says U.S. is winning)
“We should not be surprised or dismayed that that Iraqis” are still struggling with these issues,” Crocker said.
Iraq’s five most prominent leaders have agreed on many issues and publicly addressed their desire for a long-term relationship with the United States.
They acknowledged a continued presence of America in their country (kind of like in Japan and Germany and Kosovo, eh, Sen. Kerry?)


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Catherine Moy
Petraeus: Coalition and Iraqi forces deal serious blows to al-Qaida

Finally. Gen. David Petraeus is speaking on the troop surge. Here’s a short synopsis:
* Tribal leaders are turning against al-Qaida
* Force levels will begin dropping soon.
* Huge drops in deaths of civilians, allied troops, violence and attacks, though the numbers are still not acceptable
* Coalition and Iraqi troops deal serious blows to al-Qaida
* Troop levels may be reduced by next summer and maintain current security.
* It is possible to meet America’s objectives over time.
“Security situation in Iraq is improving,” Gen. Petreaus said.
Premature drawdown would have devastating effects,” Petreaus said. (Are you listening Armchair Gen. Nancy Pelosi?)

Oh, and one other thing. Gen. Petraeus testified he did not allow the White House nor any Senator or even to see his report before he handed