Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Dear Michael Moore:

I hate hypocrites and I can't stand YOU. 

You are a self-made man worth many millions of dollars, out in the streets and play-acting about you  really really care about the protests that have led to violence (at least three rapes that I know about) and the injuries of an anti-war Iraq war veteran. A lot more will take place because of jerks like you want to grab some TV time under the klieg lights to promote your next flop.

But then you have the nerve to deny what is obvious to everyone - you are PART OF THE 1% of the wealthiest Americans!

What exactly is your point again? Somebody needs to tell you to sit your ass down and SHUT-UP.

Oh, that would be me.

Let me make myself clear: we heard you nine thousand protests ago. And we don't like you any better than when you first started faking how you "are looking out for the little people."

Why don't you go back to Hollywood and hang out with your liberal friends and collect your residuals and spend those millions on something REALLY important ....a fat farm.

Warmly, Melanie Morgan

"...As Mayor Jean Quan finished fielding reporters’ questions Friday afternoon at City Hall about the clash between police and protesters earlier this week, she was suddenly drowned out by cheering coming from Frank Ogawa Plaza for Occupy Oakland’s newest celebrity guest: documentarian and political activist Michael Moore. Moore flew in from New York City to address hundreds of Occupy Oakland supporters, who gathered to hear him speak near the approximately 30 tents that have been raised on the plaza since the raid on Tuesday.

Moore is a filmmaker and activist best known for taking on topics like corporate greed, US military involvement, the American health care system, and gun ownership. Much of Moore’s talk served to rally Occupy Oakland participants. “I’m looking at the mosaic of the country right here in Oakland,” he told the crowd. “This weekend in Oakland will stand out as a watershed moment. Something good will come out of this movement.”

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