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You ain't kiddin' there, guys.

Brutal doesn't begin to describe what has happened economically on Obama's watch, and he hasn't done. a. single. thing. to. make. things. better.

Those of us on the right argue (effectively, I might add,) that Obama has actually caused the Great Recession with wild politically expedient spending, 2 trillion and counting, and virulent anti-capitalism rhetoric. That doesn't mean, however, some capitalists aren't responsible for part of this problem.(See the movie "Margin Call" for a fascinating explanation.)

My son, a junior studying Economics at USC, has a firmer grasp on the micro and macro consequences of governmental action/inaction than does the President, who is so incompetent that he is giving Jimmy Carter a good name.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back home after taking some downtime with my husband who was RIF'ed from his job two weeks ago.

RIF'ed? Huh? Oh, that.

Nobody uses the word "fired" anymore. It is called Reduction in Force.

From the

"...It is a sunny day at the White House with bright light streaming through the gauzy curtains that cover the patio doors and many windows of Bill Daley’s corner office in the West Wing. And so I try to find some underlying gloom.

Daley, the White House chief of staff, will twice in the course of our hourlong interview refer to the first three years of Barack Obama’s administration as “ungodly” and once as “brutal.”