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Friday, October 14, 2011

Jack Swanson, legendary KGO San Francisco programmer, resigns

Jack Swanson Swanson, who steered a string of 120 straight Arbitron wins, tells staffers: "For a good part of the last three decades you have been my daytime family, and this has been my professional home. We have shared the joys and sorrows of a family. The deaths, and the births.  Earthquakes and wars.  And in our spare time we helped some people survive Leukemia, eased the suffering of the homeless and most recently helped our neighbors feed their families. I know the various companies who owned our stations over the years thought this was all about making money. You and I know it really wasn’t.  It was about the chance to do so many special things at this very special place. Like you, I was always proud to say I worked for KGO and KSFO. I still am. And will always be." Then, speaking of his wife and former KSFO morning host Melanie Morgan, Swanson says: "Melanie and I will be heading for some small island very far away to rest, and think and reinvent. We have not faded into retirement. Just taking a break along the way. We’ll be popping back up somewhere." The San Francisco Board of is talking about Swanson here.