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California Lt. Governor Gavin "Pretty Boy" Newsom blasted fellow Democrats yesterday for failing to do enough to end unemployment, including the Obama administration and his boss Governor Jerry Brown.

At first blush, it looks like Newsom has gone rogue.

Actually, Newsom is a pretty shrewd dude. Governor Brown is old (73) and Obama isn't going to be re-elected - because the economy sucks.

Nice positioning for the lanky lone ranger (who wants to be the President when he grows up.)


"....Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom caused a bit of a stir the other day at a Democratic gathering in Half Moon Bay, chiding party leaders from President Obama on down for not doing enough to fix the economy.

As headline speaker at the Coastside Democrats' annual election-season kickoff, Newsom was expected to talk for about 20 minutes. Instead, as the former San Francisco mayor is prone to do, he went on for an hour.

Among the Newsom jabs:

-- Obama should have pushed his agenda harder when the Democrats still controlled both houses of Congress - a remark that drew a handful of boos from the audience.

-- Sacramento hasn't done enough to promote job growth - in fact, the state's efforts are "laughable" - and Texas Gov. and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry had the right idea in sending out iPhones loaded with promos about his state to CEOs.

-- His fellow Democrats in Sacramento blew a chance to land a new federal patent office here, even though a huge percentage of the new patents issued each year come from California.

Although Newsom didn't single out Gov. Jerry Brown, "he left the distinct impression that (Brown's) jobs plan was no plan," said Bill Huber of Moss Beach, a member of the Coastside Democrats board and one of the few in attendance willing to talk for the record.

Newsom's remarks didn't get a lot of love at the governor's office. No sooner did they pop up in the hometown Half Moon Bay Review than press secretary Gil Duran chastised Newsom for not being a team player and for "galloping around on his economy-and-jobs high horse."

As for jobs creation, Duran said, San Francisco unemployment more than doubled during the last four years of Newsom's watch - from 4.4 percent to 9.6 percent.

Reaction from Team Newsom: "This seems to be blown out of proportion," said his spokesman, Francisco Castillo, "so let's all exhale and get back to work."

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