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I returned a bit ago from getting photos and video of the Obama fundraiser protest in St. Louis. It was hosted by Tom Carnahan, owner of the Wind Capital Group, an alternative energy group which received around $100 million in stimulus funds. That Carnahan’s brother is Democratic Representative Russ Carnahan surely helped change Wind Capital Group’s fortunes.

He sure does deliver. The Carnahan family. Far left is Tom Carnahan, who received around $100 million in stimulus funds. In the middle is Democratic Representative Russ Carnahan. Far right is Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, who was cited in DOJ testimony in the new Black Panther Party voter intimidation case for her failure in cleaning up Missouri voter rolls.

The St. Louis Tea Party was among various conservative groups and activists who showed up to protest at Forest Park, barricaded across the street from Tom Carnahan’s stately home. The event was organized by Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft, and began peaceful–so peaceful, in fact, that many families took advantage of the warm evening and showed up with their children as well. I brought my own with me to collect media, because I think it’s important for everyone, kids included, to participate in civics if they want and see their Constitutional rights in action. Various groups of collegiate conservatives arrived with their signs, Martin Baker, congressional candidate for Missouri’s first district attended, as did Missouri’s Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder. Virginia Kruta from Kruta’s Bakery brought cookies for the kids who ran through the trees.

I’ve been to a lot of protests–both conservative and progressive–and only one other time have I witnessed such a level of hostility and outright inappropriate behavior. It’s a shame some individuals allow themselves to get so partisan and emotional that they make civic participation–or even standing around while taking photos and video–a hostile event. It shouldn’t be that way.


Towards the end of this video I just let my camera roll. The sun had set set; my HD handheld isn’t equipped with a light so I did the best I could. I took video (ended up being audio because it was so dark outside) which is peppered with flashbulbs so you get only glimpses of the crowd. Some inebriated Obama supporters from a nearby concert at the History Museum made their way over and my media gathering (and that of others) became more about rounding up my family and leaving because some individuals were simply too hostile and emotional to continue to film. I let the camera run for safety as we moved away from those shouting.


Missouri 1st District Congressional Candidate Martin Baker confronts the small group of Obama protesters after they call him an "Uncle Tom" for "being Republican."

*UPDATE: The slur, from P/Oed Patriot:


This woman's friends cussed at my kids while they ate cookies and called them "G*dd*mn Klan members" as I got shots of the crowd. So that was nice. Here she debates St. Louis Tea Party organizer Brian Bollman.

Michelle Moore broadcasted from Ustream and has video of Chris Loesch singing the National anthem, plus other speeches, including remarks by my St. Louis Tea Party Co-Founder Bill Hennessy.

Last year’s protest of Obama’s McCaskill fundraiser from Keyboard Militia:

More video coming.

*Jim Hoft as a recap posted.

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