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The buzz amplifies over Florida Senator Marco Rubio's chances of landing in the Vice-Presidential sweepstakes...and frankly, that delights me.

I have met and interviewed Marco Rubio when he was running for US Senate. And I would like to remind everyone that he was roundly dismissed by establishment Republicans. It was the Tea Party and other grassroot conservatives who rallied to his cause and forced Governor Charlie Christ to run to Democrats and beg them for a spot on their ballot.

Marco Rubio will be President one day. Let's give him a leg up this day.

Politico, by Scott Wong    Original Article
Freshman Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has no plans to endorse anyone in the GOP primary, but inside his Senate office and political operations, his ties to Mitt Romney run deep. At least six past and current Rubio Senate aides, including chief of staff Cesar Conda and his deputy, Terry Sullivan, worked for Romney’s 2008 presidential bid, establishing a direct link and a line of communication between the front-runner for the 2012 GOP nomination and the front-runner in the Republican veepstakes. There’s also a trail of fundraisers, donors and consultants who have overlapping relationships with Rubio and Romney.