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Rasmussen polled American voters on Congress in general and certain members in particular and found that the least popular member of Congress is Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco. 57% of American voters dislike her, while 29% like her. In fact, she is more disliked by the American voter than Vladimir Putin of Russia, who is hated by 52% of the nation’s voters. To be fair, only 11% of American voters like Putin. The most “liked” is President of the Senate Joe Biden (yes, Sarah Palin was right; that’s what the vice president’s job is).

But contrast these poll numbers with what the liberal WaPo is writing about Nancy Pelosi and her role in the upcoming Presidential elections. And then you will understand why there is a disconnect between what we see and read from MSM and the REAL world.

The newly reenergized House minority leader could prove crucial to Obama in 2012.

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After nine months in the wilderness, Pelosi seems to have found her footing and her voice. At 71, she is careening around the country using the same tactics that helped propel her to the speaker’s job in 2006—slamming Republicans and talking about America’s tradition of helping the disenfranchised. She has raised nearly $20 million this year for congressional races—proving again that she is one of the best fundraisers in either .

In a series of conversations Pelosi told Newsweek she has urged Obama to finally take off the gloves and fight for core Democratic priorities. She’s also had many conversations with White House chief of staff William Daley. In the last few weeks, Obama seems to be heeding the advice.