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Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
Move America Forward has a pro-troop, cross-country caravan under way, with 27 events planned as the group makes its way from California to a Sept. ...

Good Wednesday morning from Tucson, Arizona. We've woken up early and are getting ready to host the Tucson pro-troop rally for the "Fight for Victory Tour." Today we have a veteran recently back from Operation Iraqi Freedom and so we're very excited.

People keep asking us where they can join the caravan, or how to get more info about the upcoming pro-troop rally stops. All the details on the"Fight for Victory Tour" are available at the Move America Forward website:

We'll put out a more comprehensive report on the progress of the cross-country, pro-troop caravan, but here's what we can update you on for right now...

*** FOX NEWS CHANNEL: We've now learned that Fox News Channel aired are port on our national caravan and pro-troop rallies! And after national radio exposure for the tour on Mark Levin's and Jim Bohannon's shows, we were pleased to receive an invitation today from G. Gordon Liddy's Show.

We're working to get a live report from the caravan broadcast on his show.And yesterday we had C-SPAN calling to ask about the "Gathering of Eagles"rally on September 15th - and they told us they're discussing the option of broadcasting that pro-troop/pro-veteran rally live to the nation!

*** MEDIA GETTING EVEN STRONGER: At our last several stops we've always had 2 or more television cameras and usually radio and newspaper reporters there as well! Our military mothers have been doing interviews with BBC radio as they travel down the road. We pick up reporters from other European news services in Texas, who travel with us. These reporters say that European audiences find it fascinating to see such a vibrant pro-troop movement here in the United States as there is not too much in the way of pro-troop activities across the Atlantic.

*** NATIONAL REVIEW TO THE RESCUE: National Review joined in the multi-front effort to get the message out with this posting at their website: The Tank

*** AND THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Previously we passed along word that the Washington Times had a piece on the national "Fight for Victory Tour." Add to that the Washington Examiner now: Antrim: Move America Forward rallies troops

*** SUNDAY IN COLORADO: A pro-troop rally takes place at 7:00 AM in Boulder, Colorado (1048 Pearl Street) with the local patriots leaving after the rally ends in their own caravan to join the "Fight for Victory Tour." If you live in Colorado, you've got to do whatever you can to make it to the rally. Then jump in your own vehicle at the rally's end and caravan on over to Wichita, Kansas for a big pro-troop rally with the "main spoke" of the Move America Forward "Fight for Victory Tour" caravan. Meet our band of road travelers and speakers and help give us that positive boost to march onwards!