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Did you know that 100,000 Cold Cases are languishing across America?

Did you know that 40,000 sets of human remains have never been identified?

On TV, Jerry Bruckheimer’s CSI cases are solved in 42 minutes, but tragically, our police departments are overwhelmed and undermanned. If we can't even name the murdered missing, how can their families get justice?

I have been working with some of the best homicide investigators in the country to form a new organization that you will be hearing more about - it's called "International Association of Cold Case Investigators." (

"IACCI are the best detectives in the world going after the worst criminals in the world, to solve some of the most complex ice-cold cases in the country," as Sgt. Mike Huff (ret.) explains.

Huff, along with Det. Mike Nance (ret.) Tulsa Police Department, Lt. Wayne Farquhar (ret.) San Jose, Ca. PD,  Jack Weakley (volunteer Tulsa Cold Case investigator) and dozens of other exceptionally qualified individuals from varying fields, are donating their time and efforts to name killers in cases that are forgotten in police departments across the country.

Maurice Kanbar, San Francisco's most generous philanthropist, made the first large dollar donation and has given IACCI meeting space in his Tulsa First Tower office complex.

This combination of high powered law enforcement talent and civilian volunteers is also going to offer training and accreditation to newly minted cops who need their knowledge. The gray guys are now balding guys, and retiring in droves.  The young guns need their help. IACCI has offers from Scotland Yard, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and includes forensic specialists as well as former FBI agents.

In 1978, 29-year old Louise Vilott, the first female attorney to work for Phillips Petroleum Company, was shot to death behind a locked door in one of Kansas City’s swankiest hotels. No one has ever been prosecuted for her brutul murder.

“Louise Vilott didn’t deserve to die. And her murder was easily solvable when it happened, but justice has been denied to her family,” said John Wylie, a former Kansas City Star reporter who has covered this tragedy.

I was a young radio reporter who happened to be on the scene when her bullet riddled body was found. I have worked 33 years to move this case forward for her 92-year old mother and her surviving sister. What did I learn?

The way investigations are conducted in this country needs to be super-sized and that’s exactly what IACCI intends to do – with your help.

Our portal to progress is our website - just up and running - and we are making daily improvements, but we need some financial contributions to expand its interactivity. will be a one-stop shop for victims families, law enforcement personnel, resources, advocacy and amateur sleuths.

We need your help to make our website the gold standard for Cold Case Investigations.

Join us in this historic effort. Your donation is  tax deductable.

Warmest Regards, Melanie Morgan

Co-Founder, International Association of Cold Case Investigators, former ABC News journalist and co-author of the best selling “American Mourning, The Intimate Stories of Two Families Joined by War, Torn by Beliefs.”