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Final note of the day on the subject of Michele Bachmann's appearance in Marin County: Shaky Hand Productions (aka) San Francisco political reporter Carla Marinucci, interviewed me this morning about the GOP field and the front-runner Mitt Romney.

"....Among those in attendance was popular conservative activist Melanie Morgan, who said that Bachmann's candidacy underscores a hunger for authenticity among conservatives.

"It breaks down to the difference between a "country club" Republican and a grassroots activist,'' Morgan said.

While noting that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is leading the field of GOP presidential candidate in the California Field Poll released today, Morgan dismissed him as "a country club Republican'' who won't even come to this weekend's state GOP convention in Los Angeles.

"He has a $12 million (La Jolla) home and well-heeled friends,'' she said. "But you can't win an election without the grassroots."

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