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I pulled up to the Marin County home of Bay Area Tea Party Patriot leader Sally Zelikovsky this morning for the breakfast fund-raiser for GOP Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

I nearly fell off my spiked high heels.

The Peacock Gap home was surrounded by dozens of television camera crews and other media waiting for Bachmann's appearance.

News media in ultra-liberal Marin? Covering a Tea Party darling?

Hell has officially frozen over.

When Bachmann arrived, I introduced myself (again) to the Congresswoman. She remembered me from the Washington, D.C. emergency "housecall" rally where thousands showed up in a futile effort to stop Obamacare. Talk about retail politics! She's a natural!

Bachmann told the enthusiastic crowd of 150 she was so happy to be in Marin.

"I am so thrilled to be in Marin County. And to see so many Tea Party members is exciting, too.Here in Marin County, do not lose hope because I truly believe this will be a wave election," Bachmann said. "Marin County could go red, you guys."

Bachmann attacked President Obama over the now disgraced deal involving Solyndra Solar Company in Fremont that gambled half a billion dollars of taxpayers dollars, and the lack of a coherent policy in the Mideast. Her biggest applause line came when she affirmed her support for the state of Israel and castigated the President not doing the same. And she demanded that the "genocidal monster" Iranian President Achmadinjad be banned from the United Nations appearance and visit to Columbia University.

Bachmann heads for Hillsborough for another fundraiser later today, and then to Los Angeles for the California GOP convention on Friday.

Michele Bachmann Visits the Bay Area