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"What an unusual alliance," said I, after the fifth televised national GOP debate last night. 

CNN, also known to conservatives as the Clinton News Network, worked closely with the Tea Party Express (a group of firebrand conservatives who have been criss-crossing the country with the Tea Party message) and came up with a fine broadcast. It was interesting to watch (boy, those Paulinistas are dedicated to their guy Ron!) as the field attempted to distinguish themselves from each other and President Obama.

Nicely done.

And now for the reviews.

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Tonight's tea-party themed debate in Tampa, Florida, was billed by many people (cough) as a Rick Perry PiƱata-fest in the making. And that's pretty much how it went. But it wasn't the stick of Social Security that busted Perry open, spilling candy on the jubilant children below. Romney did very aggressively go after Perry on Social Security, but the rowdy and uninhibited audience was clearly on Perry's side, and the assault failed. Two other issues inflicting much more damage to Perry. In the second half of the debate, he was slammed by Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum on the executive order...