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I just recieved news this morning that a friend of mine has passed away ...a true heroine for the conservative cause.

Jane Jamison, 55, blogger and broadcaster, died sometime in the between August 26th when she last posted about a family emergency, and last night.

Jane ran the conservative aggregator "". She was an investigative television journalist from Michigan before she moved to the Bay Area in the 1980's where she appeared on the air as a news reporter for Metro Shadow traffic. She auditioned for a spot on KSFO's morning show with Brian Sussman, but decided that she really belonged in Texas (she was disgusted and discouraged by the political changes in California foreshadowed in 2008.) We lost touch shortly after that, but I continued to post her bloggings on my site.

I am truly shocked. And very much saddened. She was a "glamazon" ...gorgeous, smart and VERY funny. She was a real warrior for conservative ideology and a fearless searcher for truth.

Jane leaves behind two adult daughters.

Rest, Janey. Rest.