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Wow!  Check out this coverage of yesterday's events in Napa and SF.  Is local coverage of the Tea Party a' changin'?  

"...They've been dismissed as the inconsequential, angry, funny-hat-wearing political fringe. But conservatives and Tea Party activists at lively celebrations in the Bay Area say they're beginning to be recognized as something else as the 2012 elections loom: a mainstream movement.

With two big gatherings - a California Young Republican Federation convention in San Francisco on Friday and a Tea Party Express gathering in Napa on Saturday - it wasn't so lonely being a conservative in the Democratic bastion of the Bay Area."

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Ruth Ney (second from right) and others form a chorus line during a Tea Party Express rally at the Napa Valley Expo

From Radio Host Andrea Shea King (on the road with the Tea Party Express)

Today's rally in Elko, NV will run about 90 minutes if we can keep to the schedule (we are notorious for running behind - but that's another story, LOL). Following our get-together with the good folks from Elko...


We have a long drive to make our Salt Lake City fireside chat later this evening.  Out of respect for the strong LDS presence in our local tea party groups, the format for this event will be totally different.  It is an educational fireside chat that allows Mormons to participate on a Sunday. 


Thus, Mike Holler is the featured speaker on The Constitutional and Religious Freedom.  We also will have the Governor Gary Herbert, and U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch joining us.  The TPX team will have limited speaking and entertainment opportunities at this stop, making it a unique event on our national tour.

Here are links to the posts I've written so far.  I invite you to click and follow along with us!  And check back for new entries in my "On the road diary with the Tea Party Express" at
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The Daily Beast is reporting that Rick Perry is a Tea Party favorite?


Miles and miles to go.


God's hand.


Jimmy Labriola and fun in Napa Valley



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