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Gotta hand it to Mitt Romney ....The "Magical Misery Tour" has a nice ring to it.

"..A new web video and harsh criticism emerged from the Mitt Romney camp today as President Barack Obama launched his three-day bus tour that will make stops in Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

Dubbing the president’s trip the “Magical Misery bus tour,” Romney said in a statement that “it is unlikely President Obama will speak with unemployed Americans, to near-bankrupt business owners, or to families struggling to survive in this economy.”

“He is more interested in campaigning in swing states than working to solve the economic crisis that is crushing the middle class,” said Romney. “Turning this economy around will require real leadership and the experience of someone who has actually worked in the private sector.”

And in the web video titled “Obama Isn’t Working: Minnesota,” the campaign interviews several Minnesotans ahead of the president’s visit today.

One such interviewee, Joseph Bromley of Minnetonka, Minn., says in the video, “In the last election I voted for Barack Obama and I just feel like I can’t.”

This is the 14th web video the campaign has produced since making the campaign officially in early June."

Emily Freidman, ABC's The Note.