Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror


I've just returned from the gruelling first 24-hours of our Fight For Victory tour, which launched in Carson City, Nevada, stopping in Sacramento, continuing onto San Francisco (the belly of the liberal beast) and then onto Modesto, California.

I BURNED out the differential of my big Honkin' SUV, we were BUMMED out by the "Burning Man" Smelly Hippies Weirdos on parade (200,000 40,000 returning from the Nevada desert to hog up our freeways while we caravaned from stop-to-stop) and we were BUSTIN' with pride by the patriotic response of ordinary Americans who stopped what they were doing on their Labor Day holiday to greet us.

Our two 'Debbies' Deborah Johns (Blue Star Mom) and Debbie Lee (Gold Star Mom) were terrificly eloquent and amazingly effective at each rally stop. Lt. Colonel "Buzz" Patterson was also a BIG hit, as well.

We had VERY nice crowds numbering in the hundreds at each stop! Despite the Labor Day traffic and hour late appearances in Sacramento and San Francisco.

We were counter-protested at Senator Reid's office in Carson City by, oh, lemme see--a couple dozen anti-war leftists (some of whom heckled us at our rallies.) Not one single counter-protestor in Sacramento and, get this, SAN FRANCISCO.

While the National, State and local Democratic party sent out MILLIONS of e-mails to counter our PRO-TROOP message, the best the wingnuts could muster was a couple of dozen? Lame, really lame. Thought this was the Hot Summer of Protest against the neo-cons. NOT.

In Carson City, we had two TV cameras, and local newspaper coverage. Sorry I can't forward all the coverage, our tech people are working overtime. (Most of our staff is on the tour.)

We had six to eight television hits (complete 3 minute packages) in the Reno-Carson City market, all of which was extremely positive. As in LITTLE BIAS, much pro-troop coverage, favorable discussion of General

Petraeus upcoming report, and GOE, VFF, Eagles Up big D.C. event. This has got to be irritating to the notoriously thin-skinned Senator Harry Reid. At each stop, we pushed Victory Caucus for signing the petition for Congress.

 Haven't seen the media coverage for Sacramento or San Francisco yet. San Francisco was wall-to-wall Bay Bridge 'opening early' coverage, drowning out our very uplifting rally in front of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office.

Okay, I am officially out of activist go-juice. Must.Go.To.Bed.

Please see our Daily Blog File at for more details. We will be updating from the road. PLEASE keep pushing our rallies and get some boots on the ground in each location.

Melanie Morgan
MAF Chairman
KSFO Radio

P.S. When I got home tonight I found YouTube video from a woman I don't know, Jenny Hatch, but I would sure love to meet her!

Must WATCH --funny, and moving, too.