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It looks like the California Gold Rush has resumed as thousands folks rush to the Sierra to pick and pan for nuggets. Is this Obama's economic prosperity plan? Lottery tickets and amateur gold that what the President was talking about with Hope and Change?

What's next...a reality TV show? Oh gosh....guess that's already been done.

 AMADOR COUNTY (CBS13) — A group of investors is betting millions the gold rush isn’t over in the Sierra Foothills. They’re spending more than $20 million to get a mine in Amador County back up and running.

The mine goes about 650 feet underground and it’s about to get a whole lot deeper.

They’ve done the research, and Sutter Gold Mining Inc. says there’s a lot of gold in the rocks. The light-colored quartz will guide miners to bright colored nuggets and the potential for a billion dollars.

“We’ll be mining about a third to half ounce of gold per ton,” said company spokesman David Cochrane.

The untapped, underground territory is about to get blasted.

“The miners will drill holes, set charges and blast it down,” said Cochrane.

David says an astonishing 20 tons of gold lies within their 3.6 mile stretch of land. At today’s rate of about $1,600 an ounce, that’s over $1 billion of valuable rock.