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The DC Chapter of FReeRepublic invites all patriots to stand together with us at Walter Reed for one last big gathering on JULY 29,2011,  at the main gate at Georgia Avenue and Elder Street, NW.   We will stand in support from 6:30PM to around 9:20PM when the dinner bus returns, cheering the wounded and their families through the gate.

You have been an integral part in our support of the wounded at Walter Reed.   This will be the last big gathering at Walter Reed before it closes down in August.   Also, we do not know when the Friday night dinner buses will stop taking the wounded and their families out to dinner, but rest assured, the DC Chapter will continue the Friday nights until the last bus returns.

If you cannot make it on July 29, email me to see if we will be there so you can join us.   We expect the dinner bus to keep running several weeks into August.

This will also be the 328th CONSECUTIVE Friday night that patriots have stood at Walter Reed.  We have stood there on Christmas Day 2009, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve,2010, on 9/11/2009, Good Fridays, tropical storms, snow storms, rain storms, 12 degree temperature when the bus finally returned, and each Friday in between.   We are on our 3rd generation MOAB.

The DC Chapter will have banners, signs, patriotic music, drinks and plenty of pizza.

Hope to see some familiar patriots that night.

This invite is being sent to some patriots who I know cannot make it, but I wanted to keep you apprised of an end of one of the greatest troop support rallies in history.  It is only surpassed by years of support families gave their loved during WWII while they fought for our freedom.   In WWII, soldiers were away from home for years at a time. 

The DC Chapter says Thank You for your support at Walter Reed.

Please pass this invite to your email lists.

Phil, aka Trooprally

(I have spent several Friday nights at Walter Reed standing with the FreeRepublic Patriots when I visited from California. It was an honor to be with them in support of our Wounded Warriors, God Bless them all.)

Just two of the four corners that teemed with FReepers, Eagles, Protest Warriors, Gold Star and Blue Star families, Rolling Thunder, Vietnam Vets of America and troop supporters representing dozens of other organizations. Melanie Morgan and Move America Forward's caravan came from California, gathering flags, signs and more patriots at stops across the country, as they had done last March for the first Gathering of Eagles.