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My family is saddened today by the loss of one of American's finest naval aviators. An angel kissed the Earth last weekend and in an instant jumped aboard God's wings into eternity. 32-year old Blue Angel Lt. Commander Kevin Davis of Pittsfield, Massachusetts refused to eject from his FA-18 high performance jet during a demonstration show in South Carolina. No one knows why or what went wrong.

But we do know that the man nicknamed "Kojack" rode his jet into the ground into order to save lives in the surrounding area. Eight people were injured, but no one died.

I was offered a ride with the Blue Angels, but instead, I offered my seat to my husband. It was, and remains, a thrill of his lifetime. Jack is a commercial pilot, and one of his dreams was to fly with the Blue Angels.

Lt. Commander Kevin Davis turned on the after-burners and screamed off into the horizon for 45 minutes, gifting Jack with bliss.

Kevin Davis yearned to become an astronaut.
Today Kevin is flying high with the Lord.

Here's a photo of Lt. Commander Kevin Davis

Lt. Commander Kevin Davis

Jack and Kevin
Jack and Kevin