Advocating on Behalf of the American Military and Defense on the War on Terror

Oh yes, and I did it publicly, in print, and with documentation.

"American Mourning" co-authored with Catherine Moy, documents how George Soros funded John Kerry with sacks of cash (carefully laundered, of course) to help him win the Presidency.

As exhausted as we are by the Bush administration missteps on any number of issues, at least John 'Francois' Kerry is dumpster diving in political history.

Some of these people (hit with almost a million dollar fine today) should be in jail.

If there were justice in this world.


Kenneth P. Vogel / The Politico:
Soros-linked group hit with huge fine  —  The Federal Election Commission has fined one of the last cycle's biggest liberal political action committees $775,000 for using unregulated soft money to boost John Kerry and other Democratic candidates during the 2004 elections.