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According to a Business writer who has been examining the AOL-Huffington Post deal trouble has erupted across the blogosphere for our flame haired narcissistic friend Ariana Huffington.

Watch me cry, Argentina. Not.


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"...AOL bought Huffington Post for $315 million earlier this year.

So far, according to a reader, the intergration is going very badly:

Twelve reasons why the AOL – Huffington Post merger is going down in flames.

The tragedy here is that not only will the deal ruin AOL, but it will also ruin the Huffington Post.
It is the Peter Principle on a grand scale.  None of AOL’s senior editors (Huffington, Roy Sekoff, and Nico Pitney) have ever managed more than a few people.  Now they have hundreds and lack the experience to manage a team this big.  Behind the scenes, long time Huffposters say that Jai Singh’s departure has eliminated the key adult in the room.  Now they need to grow HuffPost and save AOL – not possible.
Dissension in edit.  The editorial team is miserable and views Arianna as unpredictable and her leadership unsteady.  Several editors are racing to close book deals to be write the “Devil Wear’s Prada” of the digital age.  Others are aggressively pitching unflattering profiles to New York Magazine, Vanity Fair, and the LA Times.  

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