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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie dropped by dinner with a few of his newest best Republican friends in Iowa.

I mean, does Governor Christie look like he has ever turned down a free meal?

  • New Jersey Governor Christie and his wife arrive at the Embassy of Italy for an MSNBC after-party in Washington


PRINCETON, New Jersey (Reuters) - As Republicans scramble to find a strong candidate for the 2012 U.S. presidential contest, a group of Iowa Republicans met with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday to urge him to enter the race, despite his stated disinterest.

Half a dozen businessmen from Iowa, which holds the vital first nominating contest in the U.S. presidential race in February, met with Christie for about 2 1/2 hours over dinner at the governor's mansion to discuss entering the contest.

Iowa entrepreneur Bruce Rastetter, who participated in the dinner, told the Des Moines Register that Christie had again said he would not run for president but that he had accepted an invitation to speak at an event in Iowa in July.

"He understands the country's problems but feels very strongly that he has that commitment to New Jersey to continue to serve," Rastetter said.

The Iowa businessman declined to speak to a group of reporters waiting outside the governor's mansion following the meeting.

Christie, known for his blunt style, has been a rising star in the Republican Party since taking office last year with a low-tax, lean-government agenda, and erasing a record $11 billion budget deficit while limiting annual increases in the state's high property taxes.